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Upida Library for Spring MVC and Hibernate

Documentation is available here:
.Net version is available here:


Upida is a lightweight library for Spring MVC and Hibernate.

Upida gracefully does the following routines for you:
  1. Assigns back-references to domain objects.
  2. Copies data from MVC model to persistent objects (with no custom code and no mappers).
  3. Allows you to serialize persistent objects using only fields that you need, without danger of unneeded extra-data, lazy-loading or stack-overflow exceptions.
  4. Allows you to define validation rules in Java without duplicating them in java script.
  5. Allows you to validate fields more accurately: validate if a field is present in JSON, validate if a field is failed to be parsed.
  6. Allows you to extend validation with custom rules using custom code or existing rules.

The main idea of Upida is deserializing incoming JSON into detached domain objects with tracking of assigned and failed-to-parse fields.
The information of which field is assigned is used later when Upida copies fields from detached to persistent domain objects.
Only the assigned fields are copied and eventually persisted.
Using this technique You don't have to create custom mappers for every create/update UI form.

The information of which field is failed to parse is used later in validation. I can provide relevant error message if field failed to parse.

The download package contains 1 example:
  • - MVVM example with Angular.js (MyClients)

Thank you everyone for paying attention to this project.
We are supporting both .Net and Java versions.

Stay in touch.

How to use Upida ?
  1. Download and find example.
  2. If you plan to use Upida, your persistent classes must derive from org.upida.Dtobase.
  3. Set up UpidaJsonConverter in your spring context file (see examples).
  4. You may use the existing upida.angular.js library (from examples), but you are free to have your own utils.
  5. Example is implemented with Angular.js library

Thanks everyone for your interest.
If you have problems, or need some quick-start using Upida, please don't hesitate, contact me directly in Skype: vhusnullin.

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